Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started?


Call Dillon's Aviation, Inc at (252) 757-1841 for Greenville, NC or (919) 774-IFLY (4359) for Sanford, NC.

We will be glad to set up your discovery flight. A discovery flight is a 30 - 60 minute flight around the local area with a flight instructor.


This flight time may count towards flight time for your pilot license and provides you an opportunity to fly the aircraft!


Call the nearest location for pricing for Discovery flights.


How long does it take?


The minimum amount of training time is 40 hrs under part 61 or 35 hrs under our part 141 Private Pilot Course.


The length of time it takes varies from student to student and is dependent upon how frequently you fly and how well you retain the information.

The average student scheduling 2-3 lessons each week can expect to receive his or her pilots certification in 3-6 months.


How much does it cost?


The cost of your training depends on the frequency of your lessons.

The closer your lessons are scheduled the more information you will retain, the quicker you will move through the program, and the lower the cost of your flight training.


VA benefits may be used for Instrument and Commercial certifications under our 141 program. (FAA flight school # YJ4S676M).


We offer several different training options available to you, which also determines overall cost of training.

Because of the different training options, we prefer to discuss costs only in person with our customers.


How often should I fly?


Two to three times a week is an optimal number as it allows enough time for a student to study while maintaining flight proficiency.

Most pilots see that the more they fly the easier it is, and it allows for a steady training pace while reducing the "long-term" cost of flight training.


A typical session should be about an hour of ground instruction followed by a two hour block of flight time. Expect to spend upwards of 3 hrs per flight session for the Private Pilot Course.


How safe is it?


Our Training aircraft are very safe with our instructors having years of experience.


We operate the newer Diamond DA20 and DA40 aircraft. All of our aircrafts are maintained to the highest Federal Aviation Administration standards by our on site personnel.


Our instructors have years of experience. Flying can actually be safer than driving a car on the road.


Do you offer ground school?


Yes, you can schedule a ground school with individual instructor any time or you can attend a formal ground school class that is taught by our instructors at either Pitt Community College or

Faytteville Technical Community College several times a year.


What is Medical Certificate?


Every pilot must obtain a medical certificate in order to exercise the privileges of their pilot's license.

There are three classes of FAA medical certificates:
First class and Second class are mainly for airline and commercial pilots.
For the private pilot license, only a third class Medical Certificate is required.


The medical certificates are provided by FAA approved physicians called "AMEs".

See our Useful Resources page for a link to available AMEs in your area.


Do I need 20/20 vision to fly?


No, but it must be correctable to 20/40.

Your medical certificate will list any restrictions regarding sight.

Those with corrective lenses can fly, but may be required to wear corrective lenses.


Is financing available?


Yes! Financing is available through Pilot Finance, Inc.

Students that secure financing usually obtain their Private Pilot Certificate.

Click HERE for more information.


V.A. benefits (Montgomery GI Bill & Post 9/11) may be used for Instrument and Commercial certifications under our 141 program.


What are the differences between Part 141 training and Part 61 training?


Part 141 training have more FAA oversight, more rigid schedules.

For the added requirements, our flight school is allowed to reduce the minimum required hours of private pilot training to 35 hours, rather than the 40-hour minimum required when training by Part 61.

The Part 61 training, on the other hand, can be more flexible with training schedules, and has the ability to tailor the curriculum to meet individual students' training needs.


We are 141 approved for Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, and Commercial Pilot, all in Single-Engine Land aircraft (FAA 141 Flight school # YJ4S676M).


In what kind of airplane will I train?


At Dillon's Aviation we only use the latest aircraft.

Our Diamond DA-20 and DA-40 aircraft contain the latest in composite construction and GPS technology while exceeding FAA safety standards. 

Our DA40 are equipped with Garmin G1000 glass cockpits!!


Our complex aircraft is a Beechcraft Sierra (C24R).


I want to fly professionally, what do I do?


In order to be paid to fly you need to hold a Commercial Pilot's Certificate or Airline Transport Pilot's Certificate.

The first step towards these licenses is the Private Pilot Certificate.

If you are considering flying for a career we would strongly recommend you give us a call

or come to our flight school to talk to an instructor directly.


Is there any minimum age limitation to receive flight training? Or is there maximum age limitation?


The Federal Aviation Regulations require an individual to be at least 16 years of age to operate a powered aircraft solo, and 17 years of age to obtain a Private Pilot certificate for airplanes.

There is not an age limitation on beginning flight or ground lessons with a certified flight instructor.

There is no maximum age for acquiring a private pilot certificate.

We have had students start as young as 3 and as old as 83!


Pitt Community College requires individuals to be at least 16 years of age to enroll in our Private Pilot Groundschool Class at PGV.


What are other services and activities may I find associated with Dillon's Aviation?


Dillon's Aviation began as a full-time maintenance facility. Today, the maintenance department continues to operate strongly, providing routine and urgent aircraft maintenance, as well as other maintenance services such as Pre-Buy Inspections! Dillon's Aviation Flight Department not only provides part 61 and part 141 FAA flight training, but we also conduct aerial photography, aircraft ferrying, discovery flights, romantic sunset flights, Valentine's Day flights, surprise birthday flights, and "just because flights". Gift certificates are available for such flights.


Additionally, Dillon's Aviation is a proud supporter of our community and promote aviation within the community. We will occasionally host a "Kids Aviation Day" or Kid's Camp", and we encourage visitation to our facilities from kids and adults who are curious or enjoy airplanes & aviation. We support the local EAA chapters by providing static displays at EAA events and provide pilot and aircraft availability for flights at EAA events such the Young Eagles Program. For more information about the EAA chapters and the Young Eagles Program, please see our Useful Resources page.


* Please note that Dillon's Aviation is not a FAA 135 Charter operation, we are not able to provide aircraft charter services.





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